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iProverbs+ by doctor nkolika peace OKOYE (this. is not a diary).

2.) "Never allow negative energies to dominate the pleasures of an experience."

3.) "Life is a journey. it gives you what you give it."

4.) "Peace in the world on my mind."

5.) "Before life was there death. From death comes anew."

6.) "There's nothing mightier than respect for oneself."

7.) "that you're blind doesn't stop the time from running."
or you could even also say?
"that you're deaf doesn't stop the time from ticking?"
the blind can't see the time running? and the deaf can't hear the time ticking? tick tick tick tick tick...


8.) "learn to walk before you can crawl." -- love in my opinion is like worshipping the universe with hate in one's heart. i believe it hurts the one worshipped. to love or worship another, one must first bow to oneself. if it's pleasant to one's soul? and if it hurts one's soul? it'll tell. "life is a journey. it gives you what you give it".

9.) "karma must reign supreme".

22.) zero and one (0 & 1) respectfully!!!

23.) i love money more than anyone. but. if it's first before the heart in your people dealing? please avoid me!!!

24.) a journey of oneself.

25.) there's nothing to learn from pain. not everything is a lesson. on the note of pain! my concentration is recovery and back to personal normalcy. 

26.) in the language of The Negative realm --and they all say "i hate!". and. in the language of The Gray realm --and they all say "i dislike!". personally? i hate what i hate, with passion. and. i dislike what i dislike, with passion. personally? both have no colors. i hate what i hate!.!.!.! with passion.! and. i dislike what i dislike, with passion!.!.!.!

27.) freedom of the mind and soul is the point of living. without that? nothing makes sense to the head.
freedom. breathing. living.

28.) life can be really sad and depressing. but. i choose to fight depression and extreme sadness and find happiness where there's no light. i choose to find magic in my life. in mijn leven.

29.) i live in the future. there's no now for me. for tomorrow comes. the now, the then. the future comes. time! the ultimate. 

32.) @zen is like an extremely clean toilet. the mind. the soul. the body. the spirit. like an extremely clean toilet. (namaste!.!.!)

33.) this. extremely very impressive questions! questions from @Thomas Lambrecht (on @facebook) "Another thing: is killing animals creating suffering? does killing create suffering? Is suffering ended by death? Can a life (soul) suffer in death?"
i am vegan. forever and ever and ever.

34.) .. ...
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45.) . .. ... .... ..... ...... ....... ........ (23456789).

46.) extinction ✅ (X) decineration ✅

47.) hello google. good evening. thank you!

48.) i unapologetically psychopathiekally love technology.

49.) 23456789.

52.) 823.    (+ -)     .

53.) 🤣😂🤣😂


55.) i see thoughts.

56.) @#£_&-+()/*"':;!?,<>~`|•√π÷×€$^°={}\%✓[].1234567890 (respectfully).  +-  .

57.) my circling. inasecond? inaminute? inanhour? inaday? inamonth? inayear? zen life.

58.) THE UNIVERSE IS MY COMPETITION (my love for her is too much. i drop to my knees).

59.) iI.iiiii . Ll. LL (small i. big I.i.i.     big L. LL small el / LL). (ai.i. ii / AI.i.i.i.      EL / el. el). i don't always like capital letters.

62.) palm oil tree. smoke liefhebber. ifeanaeseese. one! of anambra state 😂🤣😂.

63.) well. anyway.

64.) okay! a southerner can't be the king of the east. it's not done. i'm against this kind of human behaviour.

65.) yes! God. he's bigger than the universe. the universe is bigger than me. but. he's not bigger than me.

66.) i'm only at peace at the truth point.

67.) this. is confusing... breathe. breath. is it breathe or is it breath. i would write, breathe and write, take a breath. like. take a breath of air? breathe's and breath's differences in spelling thoughts is very hard. so therefore, it matters not, to me how i write it.

68.) music came before time. his name is. music.

69.) have a thought.

72.) if words are not written or spoken the right way, it can destroy oneself.

73.) if numbers are not written or spoken the right way, it can destroy oneself.

74.) i can't lie.

75.) very igboCentric